Friday, November 22, 2013

I am painting humans

Hi friends,
The title of this post may sound funny; but I have not painted people since I was in school. A few months ago I was painting these small landscapes and thinking about how people shape the land that I am painting and it seemed that the clearest way I could get my ideas across was by painting people.
The landscape takes on new meaning when we put a figure in it; when that figure wears a costume which is discordant with its surroundings it sets up a whole series of questions. In an earlier artist statement I wrote that I wanted my paintings to pose questions rather than answer them; this sentence rings true to my practice now.
I feel like I am coming out of this years long period of transition I have been in. I am excited about making and sharing my new work!
Here are two new paintings:
 G&T with lemon/Suits on shore 36 x 54 inches Oil/egg tempera on canvas

Sarah as moss vapour/Sneaking at the zoo 30 x 40 inches Oil/egg tempera on canvas

I have a vertical G&T suits in lake almost finished! Very exciting;)
Stay tuned for details of a studio sale in December; I can't wait to open my doors and talk to people about these paintings!
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