Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Driving into St. John’s today to run some errands we saw that the clouds were doing some pretty great things.

Had a bit of time to kill between dropping off our grant application and another appointment so we headed out to Cape Spear for a little walk.

Looking North

Iceberg! Don’t laugh, I know its small. In the middle of this picture, there’s a little white spec, that is my first iceberg. To Newfoundlanders this is probably no big deal but I’m pretty excited; I've been waiting for the icebergs and I’ve been told by locals that there have not been icebergs around St. John’s for a number of years. Even though this one is relatively small I think/hope it means more are on the way. Also this is blurry because its a handheld shot. The part of the berg above the water looked about the size of a fishing boat.

Looking South

Being the most easterly point in Canada, Cape Spear has had strategic significance in the world wars. These structures remain from WWII.

We got in before anyone else made footprints today.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend and stuff

Working on some new paintings, nothing done yet but lots on the go. I'll post some pics soon.

Saturday went for a little drive round our area. Above and below is Bauline.
I've blogged these antlers before but I can't get enough of them; this time I shot them in better light. Look at the yellow of the lichen.

Ferry dock in Portugal Cove, the ferry goes to Bell Island.

Sunday little hike behind the Lions Club; Old Mans Beard lichen above and below seems to be choking out the trees on this exposed ridge.

Neato mosses.


G playing guitar in the kitchen.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Morning hike

This morning we climbed the Tolt; this is a pic of it from our bedroom window.
This is the town seen from above, the ocean is on the right there still in fog.

Many varieties of lichen grow along the ridge.

And the cove on the way home. Such a gorgeous day. And still home in time for the Vinyl Cafe.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sunshine and melty

It seems that spring has arrived, we've had warm weather and much melting for a few days now. Winter has flown by (I can't beleive its the middle of March!) but it felt like a long one; I think because of all the snow.

These two are pics from the windows of our house.

And here's a pic of some new things begun in studio.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Running around a bit this week, getting stuff ready for the show.

Sash on our walk this morning.

These two shots taken from the gallery windows while hanging the show yesterday.

Since I've been working on the blog with Skye I've been thinking a lot about pairing images. The image on the right was shot in st. John's the other day, the one on the left I took while driving in Ontario last year. I think their contrasts make them both stronger.

And this taken form the studio the other day.

Monday, March 05, 2007


More night photos

There are all taken by moonlight. I get so inspired to take pics when the moon comes out; there are aspects of these that are feeding into the new paintings.