Monday, October 07, 2013

Introducing my galleries and new website

Happy Monday! I wanted to take a moment to introduce my newest gallery and give a shout out to some that have supported my work for years.

Last Friday I dropped off 5 paintings at the amazingly organized Canvas Gallery. I know how hard it is to keep a gallery well organized; I am really happy to have my work there and I know it will be handled well. Many galleries keep their inventory in back rooms where it gets neglected and/or damaged. Canvas Gallery puts the work out where you can see it and makes sure that each piece is protected. They represent my fellow Femme Five Art Collective members Sarah Hillock, Sarah Tacoma and Suzanne Ernst; as well as many other emerging and mid-career artists. I feel I am in good company.
I had a great studio visit in the summer with Canvas owner Megan; she was thoughtful and engaged and really took the time to understand my work. I love working with galleries that see art as more than just inventory and who respect all of the thinking that goes into making it. Megan works with her husband Mark and their team. I love to work with a family business; there is none of the entitlement one finds in galleries in trendy neighbourhoods. I have learned that finding the right gallery is not about real estate but about relationships.

I am happy to be represented by another family business: RumiGalleries in Port Credit. Joseph and I have brilliant talks about how I make my work and why every time he visits my studio. I feel great sending my work off to his gallery. While many art dealers demand an artist produce consistent work, (translation: churn out product) Joseph has shown my abstract paintings and my lichen photography as well as my current egg tempera work. He supports my artistic growth and development. Joseph will have some of my new work at Art Toronto this year; look for him if you are there.

Another strong supporter of my work is Deborah at Sopa FineArts in Kelowna BC. Deborah started her business representing her husband; respected artist Alan Boileau. Many years later she has an impressive stable of leading contemporary artists; I know my work is in good company as well as in good hands. Deborah is eloquent and knowledgeable; it is always a pleasure to speak with her.

I am fortunate to work on a commission basis with Tatar Art Projects Toronto, James Robertson Art Consultant Toronto/London, Fresh Paint Art Advisers Culver City and Soho Myriad Atlanta/Los Angeles/London. I love working on a wide variety of projects.

Some of the thinking behind the re-design of my site.

Paintings: where you will find the paintings coming out of my studio. I like to see the work together in one place because it often gets sent to many places. You will notice that some paintings are available on my website and some are available at galleries. My galleries are my partners; they support me and make it possible for me to do the work that I do. I have a good selection of work at these three galleries please feel free to contact them about specific pieces or visit them if they are in your area.
Purchase Paintings: my online shop where I have paintings which can be viewed in person; or shipped to you anywhere. I accept credit cards payment at my studio with my square card reader. Please make an appointment.
Purchase Prints: my new online print shop. I used to get asked often if I made prints of my work because it cost way more than my friends were able to spend. My canvas works are specifically made to be experienced in person so I was reluctant to make reproductions of them as the print would then be a lesser experience than the original. When I decided to make a set of prints I knew I had to work on paper since the final product was to be paper. I took up watercolour painting because of the challenge posed by the paper.
I am selling the 8x8 inch prints on my site only. I want to keep the cost as low as possible because I hate that look of disappointment on some people’s faces when I tell them my work is out of their price range. 
All of my prints are printed after they are ordered. I work with a high quality local fine art printer who is within walking distance of my studio. I inspect, colour correct, sign, title and edition each one before I package it and ship it.

Everyone should have art; especially if you don't have plants or pets. Art is like brain food.

Shipping: It may be hard for you to imagine how I could take my hand made art work and ship it out into the world. I work with companies I trust. I have had plenty experience with how art work can get damaged while it is being shipped and have talked to lots of artists and shippers about how to package art so it arrives safely. If you have any questions about how I ship my work or if you want a customized shipping quote get in touch. 

Let me know if you have any questions;)
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