Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sea Kayaking

Went out to Bay Bulls yesterday for a sea kayaking adventure with some friends. The weather was the best we've had this year and the ocean was nice and calm.

We all had tandem kayaks, Grant was in the front of ours. The front person sets the pace, while the back has control of the steering.

We traveled loosely with the group. There were many caves and inlets to explore.

Here's Mark and Sarah.

Me, in my new cap; given to me the night before by a local fisherman named Andy who met Grant that day and invited us over for delicious cod.

This is one brave fellow, the water looks inviting but it was cold; about 8 degrees celsius.

We saw many puffins and a whale but i didn't manage to get any shots of those. The puffins are very small; maybe half the size of a mallard duck. Super cute; they always look surprised.

Calm water

Every now and again we get a day so calm you can actually approach the water. We are so exposed here that usually the sea is so rough its is very dangerous to go near the slippery rocks and the undertow is always strong. There is so much life in the ocean, the edges are just bursting with it. The day before yesterday was one of those rare calm days; after i left the studio for the evening i went exploring on the rocks.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sunny days

We've had a couple days of sun; I've been hanging out by the shore trying to catch sight of whales. Top two pics from the morning walk; bottom two from the evening walk.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Been a while, no internet in studio, hard to find time to post. I'll put up studio pics sometime soon.

Took this pic a few weeks ago, it was a foggy morning and everything was covered in water.

We have a lot of snails here, I've never seen so many in my life. I'm oddly fascinated with them.

Guard duty behind the school:)

Lupines grow wild here, the locals call them weeds; they grow along roads and in fields. I love the purple against all the green.

And more flowers. What can I say, its spring. I mean summer, technically, but it looks and feels like spring.